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Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, Putnam County, New York

I decided to try the northwest corner of the park, which I had never previously visited. Driving north on U.S. 9, one passes county road 301, and then after a quarter mile one reaches the Hubbard Lodge park entrance, on the right. Turning into the entrance, the road splits, and another sign directs drivers to the left for the lodge and parking. The lodge is a small building on the right side of the road, about 0.2 miles from the entrance. Parking is available in the shoulders of the road.

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Ringwood State Park, Bergen County, New Jersey

I was thinking of returning to Norvin Green State Forest to explore the northern part, but when I drove to the area designated as a parking area on the NY-NJ Trail Conference map, I didn’t find an obvious spot. I have had that problem with the map previously: if it’s not an obvious parking lot, and if there are no other cars there, I won’t feel comfortable parking there.

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Norvin Green State Forest, Passaic County, New Jersey

The Jewish Outdoors Club 5th Annual Fun Day was held in Norvin Green State Forest this year. Two hundred people bought tickets, though I don’t know if they all made it there. We met near the Weiss Ecology Center. I had been to the Forest twice the previous year, so this was familiar ground for me.

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