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Harriman State Park, Orange County, New York

The weather finally cooperated, so I drove to Harriman, where I parked in the Elk Pen off Highway 17 and began climbing the Appalachian Trail (AT) northbound (actually east-southeast) into the park. There’s a pretty steep 400′ climb up Green Pond Mountain at the start of the hike, from about 600′ to 1000′ elevation, which made me stop to catch my breath for a moment. But I was fine the rest of the day, with the elevation for the most part pretty steady from 1100′ to 1300′. I carried my fleece jacket with me, but it spent most of the time in my backpack, as the weather was warm enough, especially when coupled with my exertion.

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Splitrock Reservoir, Morris County, New Jersey

Splitrock Reservoir is a popular location for area fishermen, and is encircled by a 13.8-mile trail. There are rolling hills but the elvation change doesn’t appear too steep. Unfortunately, I got there around 11:00 a.m., and it was also an overcast yucky cool day, so there was no way that I was going to hike 13.8 miles. Instead, I hiked a bit on a trail to the south of the reservoir, and also hiked a short distance around the reservoir before turning back. I probably only hiked about 3 miles.

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