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Hudson Highlands State Park, Westchester County, NY

It was a very cold day, but I hadn’t been hiking in several weeks and the sky was bright and clear, so I decided not to be deterred by the cold weather. Before I left home, it was around 10 degrees at Bear Mountain. I don’t know what the temperature was when I was hiking in the area, though I’ll guess it was fluctuating between the teens and 20s.

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Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge, Brooklyn, New York

I thought it would be a good idea to check out the polar bear plunge on Coney Island on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, my date was not ready when I arrived to pick her up, and she also directed me to park about a mile from where the swimmers were, so by the time we walked down the boardwalk, the crowds had thinned out considerably. Still, there were some bathers who dashed into the water for a second or third round, so we saw a few of these hardy souls in action.

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