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High Point State Park, Sussex County, New Jersey

On Memorial Day, Batya and I drove a couple of hours to High Point State Park, which has the highest elevation in New Jersey, of 1803′ above sea level. The occasion was the annual Jewish Outdoors Club “Fun Day.” This event was planned to be smaller in size than the previous year’s event, and only 157 tickets were sold. Batya and I had hoped to join the group that Nachi was leading, which was the only strenuous hike offered.

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Palisades Interstate Park, Bergen County, New Jersey

In 2012, I had enjoyed a number of hikes with a small group of people whom I had met through the Jewish Outdoors Club and mutual friends. In 2013, the small group wasn’t very active, and I was also not hiking as much, as I was busy dating Batya (who featured in a couple of my hikes from 2013). Batya and I were married on March 31, 2014, and I hope we will be able to enjoy many hikes together. On Mother’s Day, we met Martin, Yaffa, and Yona for a hike in Palisades Interstate Park.

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