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Norvin Green State Forest, Passaic County, New Jersey (northern section)

This was my fourth trip to Norvin Green. However, on previous hikes I visited the section of the forest to the south of West Brook Road. This time, I decided to investigate the trails to the north of West Brook Road. I brought along three friends, Nachi, Jon, and Yitz. My intent was to complete a lollipop loop hike, which would have been about 8 miles. However, the hike didn’t go as planned.

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Long Pond Ironworks State Park, Passaic County, New Jersey

This was a solo hike, and I decided to check out trails in Tranquility Ridge County Park, Long Pond Ironworks State Park, and the southwestern part of Sterling Forest.

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Stokes State Forest, Sussex County, NJ

This was the Jewish Outdoor Club’s Sixth Annual Fun Day. The club sold 240 tickets, and while I didn’t get a count of participants, presumably a high percentage attended. The event was held at Stokes State Forest, in northwestern New Jersey, and included hikes, a barbecue, and workshops.

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Breakneck Ridge to South Beacon Mtn., Putnam/Dutchess County, NY

This was a repeat of my August 1, 2010 hike, except that this time instead of a solo outing I went with four other hikers. Also, instead of Summer it was a Spring (that felt more like a late Winter).

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Paterson Great Falls, Passaic County, New Jersey

The Great Falls of Paterson, New Jersey is a 77-foot high waterfall on the Passaic River. It was designated as a National Historic Landmark District in 1976, and elevated to a National Historical Park in 2009.

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Ringwood State Park, Bergen County, New Jersey

I was thinking of returning to Norvin Green State Forest to explore the northern part, but when I drove to the area designated as a parking area on the NY-NJ Trail Conference map, I didn’t find an obvious spot. I have had that problem with the map previously: if it’s not an obvious parking lot, and if there are no other cars there, I won’t feel comfortable parking there.

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Norvin Green State Forest, Passaic County, New Jersey

The Jewish Outdoors Club 5th Annual Fun Day was held in Norvin Green State Forest this year. Two hundred people bought tickets, though I don’t know if they all made it there. We met near the Weiss Ecology Center. I had been to the Forest twice the previous year, so this was familiar ground for me.

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Splitrock Reservoir, Morris County, New Jersey

Splitrock Reservoir is a popular location for area fishermen, and is encircled by a 13.8-mile trail. There are rolling hills but the elvation change doesn’t appear too steep. Unfortunately, I got there around 11:00 a.m., and it was also an overcast yucky cool day, so there was no way that I was going to hike 13.8 miles. Instead, I hiked a bit on a trail to the south of the reservoir, and also hiked a short distance around the reservoir before turning back. I probably only hiked about 3 miles.

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Ken Lockwood Gorge & Columbia Trail, Hunterdon & Morris Counties, NJ

The plan was to join a group that advertised they were going to hike Schooley’s Mountain in Morris County, New Jersey. I drove about 90 minutes to get there. I had never been with this particular group before. I learned that they had a few members in their 30s, but that most seemed to be in their 60s or 70s. They announced that one of the men there had bad knees, hips, etc. and it was hard for him to hike up and downhill. But he had brought his bicycle and did fine on flat surfaces, so would we mind if instead of hiking up and down a mountain, we just followed a flat trail, so that he could join us (on his bike)?

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Wawayanda State Park, Sussex County, New Jersey

I had planned on hiking with the Appalachian Mountain Club, but arrived at the meeting place a few minutes late and they were gone. I continued on my own to Wawayanda, which I understand is pronounced “way way yonder,” a cutesy name with spelling that is falsely suggestive of a Native American origin.

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