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Fishkill Ridge, Dutchess County, New York

The Jewish Outdoors Club offered two hikes on this day, and I registered for the strenuous one. I drove and gave a lift to three other men from my neighborhood. As we crossed the Whitestone bridge into the Bronx, Nachi, who had organized the hike, received a call from one of the registered hikers. His ride had canceled at the last minute, claiming illness. Rather than call to try to find someone else to pick up the stranded hiker, we detoured west on the Cross Bronx into Washington Heights to collect him, then crossed the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, took the Palisades north back into New York, and then took the Bear Mountain bridge back to the east side of the Hudson. We then followed Route 9D into Beacon and residential streets to the trailhead in Fishkill.

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Stonetown Circular Trail, Passaic County, New Jersey

I spotted this hike on the NY-NJ Trail Conference’s “North Jersey Trails” map. I like doing loops, so as not to have to cover the same territory twice on one hike, and I also like hikes of about 8–10 miles, so this was perfect. This hike covers a number of different properties, as I will describe. I moved in a clockwise direction. I later found reviews that others had written about this hike, and many of them moved in a counterclockwise direction. It doesn’t matter, though the character of the east and west portion are different.

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Sterling Forest State Park, Orange County, New York

I had intended to park along Route 17A and hike the Highlands Trail, but there were no other cars in that area, and there was a sign that read something like, “Seasonal hunting and parking by permit only.” I really have difficulty parsing such signs, and didn’t know if that meant that a hiker wanting to park there would need a permit, or if a permit was only required by a hunter.

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Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Sunday: I joined DaveTrek for another Memorial Day event. This was my first visit to the Delaware Water Gap. Two others from Queens rode with me. We met the rest of the DaveTrek group at the Visitor’s Center at Kittatinny Point, New Jersey, where we were transported by van to the launching point at Smithfield Beach, Pennsylvania.

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Blue Mountain Reservation, Westchester County, New York

I joined a group heading for Blue Mountain Reservation for what was supposed to be a 5 mile hike. Unfortunately, the leader took a right when he was supposed to take a left, and when I attempted to point it out to him he waved me off. Half an hour later he admitted that I was right, but as we were now almost back at the entrance, he decided that was enough of a hike for the day. So our 5 miles became more like 2 miles. I was not happy about that.

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Zion Canyon, Utah – September 2, 2009

Wednesday morning: I drove the 75 miles from Bryce to Zion, arriving while it was still morning. I entered the park through the East Entrance, which includes a 1.1-mile tunnel through a sandstone mountain, which, when completed in 1930, was the longest tunnel in the U.S. The tunnel and the road were actually constructed to make it easier for tourists to access Zion from Bryce and from the Grand Canyon.

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