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Devil's Den Preserve, Fairfield County, Connecticut

This park, donated by the Ordway family and formally called Lucius Pond Ordway Devil’s Den Preserve, received that name because a charcoal maker working in the area had seen what appeared to be a hoof mark made in a boulder, and decided that it was the mark of the Devil.

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Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park, Putnam County, New York

I decided to try the northwest corner of the park, which I had never previously visited. Driving north on U.S. 9, one passes county road 301, and then after a quarter mile one reaches the Hubbard Lodge park entrance, on the right. Turning into the entrance, the road splits, and another sign directs drivers to the left for the lodge and parking. The lodge is a small building on the right side of the road, about 0.2 miles from the entrance. Parking is available in the shoulders of the road.

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Mianus River Gorge, Westchester County, New York

Another source for learning of hiking locations is the Nature Conservancy. Its website is not that easy to navigate, but if you keep drilling through it you might find a list of places worth visiting.

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Bryce Canyon, Utah – August 31, 2009 (A.M.)

Monday morning: By the way, what are Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks? There’s a geological region called the Colorado Plateau, which takes up a big chunk of the “Four Corners” states: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. This plateau has the greatest concentration of national parks in the United States. Scientists say that the region was once flat land, was then pushed up by tectonic activity, then slowly eroded over millions of years.

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